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 - Web browser wars - who is winning?
 - FREE broadband - the latest ignorant political statement

Web browser wars - who is winning? Is it important?

A web browser is an important tool for anyone online today.  However, the web browser you use is even more important to the corporations owning the browser.  Why?  It has become the most important tool for them to collect personal data about YOU, ME and everyone using the Internet!  

Unfortunately Chrome, a Google offering, is at the top with over 80% now using it. During the last decade the Chrome browser is winning and now providing Google with the golden-egg: personal data. Our data is so important to this corporation, we all have a duty to reduce its grip on our privacy and the misuse of OUR data.

10 years ago it was Firefox and IE leading the way. Chrome was not released until 2008 - only 11 years ago, yet today here it is leading the way and vacuuming up all our data as it grows.
Check the historic stats here:

You can help keep the browser competition alive, by using an alternative browser to Chrome.
If you use Chrome please do consider trying a different browser like:
This browser should not steal your data as it is open source.

FREE broadband - the latest ignorant political statement

Some of our wonderful MPs think we can achieve super fast broadband for the whole country much like South Korea. It is just not going to work in an early developed nation like the UK.
Read more about the over optimistic proposal here:


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