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.ac.uk domain name transfer

.ac.uk domain name DNS management 


  • DNS management, using your own control panel, for .ac.uk domains, this allows you full self-management at no-cost where we hold the domain (we register a new .ac.uk domain, and/or will renew the .ac.uk domain for you at the next renewal due date).

    Each DNS control panel for your .ac.uk domain name provides advanced DNS zone editing allowing you to add multiple records to the DNS. Once logged in you can:

    • add/modify/delete "A", "AAA" and "CNAME" records
    • add/modify/delete "MX" records
    • add/modify/delete "TXT " records
    • add/modify/delete "SRV" records
    • etc...


DNS management is provided with each .ac.uk domain for free when any .ac.uk (or .gov.uk) domain is managed by us, which means the registration renewals go through us. The only cost is the domain registration renewal when due as shown on .ac.uk domain renewal prices.

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