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.gov.uk domain name transfer

  • We can register and renew your .GOV.uk domain name

  • Transfer
    • we can arrange the transfer of your domain name
    • there is no cost to transfer a .gov.uk domain to us
    • procedure:
      • you will need to confirm the transfer via email (from the domain to be transferred), or fax, to JISC on your own letter-headed paper via PDF document
      • at each stage we keep you informed of the progress
      • we provide all the required details and handle the transfer for you and ensure it is completed with no downtime. Leave the hassle to us: we know how to deal with transfers of .gov.uk and .ac.uk domains as we have been dealing with JISC for over 10 years see:  GOVhost.uk

    • the renewal date of the domain remains the same, so you do not lose any current registered duration
    • prior to moving you can setup all the DNS records required using the DNS management control panel (if you would like a trial please contact us)
    • we provide you with ample time to setup your DNS before transferring - see how to test your DNS prior to transferring your .gov.uk domain
    • once transferred the domain will use the new records you created


We also provide .GOV.UK DNS management at no cost

If you require further details? Please contact us

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