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June 2013 Newsletter from Seiretto

In this newsletter:

- Monitor all your files on your website - automatically check for changes
- Premier accounts now unlimited space and bandwidth
- GOOGLE - more changes to come...

Monitor all your files on your website - automatically check for changes
Why is it important to know if your website files have changed?

If your website becomes compromised via a weak script (either your own or a third-party) then it could become infected with any number of viruses or malware that will inject malicious code into your main pages thus allowing it to spread.  This then means your website gets listed as a harmful website by malware checking websites and search engines like Google which in turn blacklists your website as being harmful.  To inject malicious code into your files it needs to modify them.  Any changes to your files can be monitored and if you did not make the changes then you know there is an issue!

This script allows you to monitor all the files on your website and will notify you if any have changed.  Very useful, and its free.  Download the freeware class from:

You will find it useful to add the following to the test file: twzFW-example.php - as the settings will ensure you always receive an email and to make it able to run every 2 minutes:

$fw->minInterval(120 seconds);

It would be best to run it once or twice per day (you can do this manually) or add it to a cron job or try this:

Premier accounts now unlimited space and bandwidth
We have now upgraded our Premier accounts - both Windows and Linux accounts.  They now have unlimited space and bandwidth, and have 1000 mailboxes.  This now makes our Premier hosting accounts one of the most cost effective UK hosted hosting accounts for business in the UK.

Check the full details here -
LINUX Premier accounts: http://www.seiretto.com/web_hosting/php_hosting.php
WINDOWS Premier accounts: http://www.seiretto.com/web_hosting/windows.php

Reminder to Resellers (current clients with a Designer10 account or greater) you qualify for large discounts on all purchases and renewals of Premier accounts.

GOOGLE - more changes to come...
Maybe during the last year or so you have seen the traffic from Google increase or decrease.  In our experience for our own website the traffic from Google has decreased and is continuing in the same direction.

However, if you have a newer website/domain you might be experiencing the opposite.  The changes being applied to their search algorithms appear to be favouring the big sites and newer sites.  This could be due to many factors not least:
 - they know they can trust the BIG sites (brand name sites)
 - they have less data to sort through for newer websites therefore their searches stay optimised and fast

Read more on the changes here:
  - ensure you read some of the comments at the end as many are very true -

Also, add to the mix that Google is not paying its fair share of tax in the UK:
and its looking like their "Dont be evil" moto (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don%2527t_be_evil )
is far from true.  It is now a monopoly and has the power to squash any small business, and take on governments!

Social media may now be the place to expend your marketing efforts.  Its certainly the direction we will go now.

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